One Billion Thirsty

Who We Are

1 Billion Thirsty is a grass roots movement devoted to making our name obsolete by raising awareness and funds to support clean water organizations working in developing countries.

What we believe

We find it unacceptable that almost 1 BILLION people around the world are living without access to clean and safe drinking water, and an additional 2 BILLION people are living without access to basic sanitation (latrines, hand-washing stations etc.).

We believe that TOGETHER we can help impoverished communities around the world tap into safe, clean drinking water and gain access to basic sanitation.

What we do

1 Billion Thirsty connects donors and solution-providers, enabling the greatest impact to those most in need of clean water.

We provide donors with tools to help develop their own campaigns, raise awareness, and foster a particular or targeted ‘water-oriented’ passion. Providing tools and encouragement that allow donors to develop a personal passion for solving the water crisis is key to a successful, long-term commitment to the cause.

We partner with innovative and highly respected solution-providers to efficiently fund water projects. Details regarding specific water projects are shared with the donors who help fund each water project.

This connection between donor and solution will help drive a growing community of individuals committed to helping solve the water crisis.

What is 1B?

One Billion Thirsty connects passionate donors, activists and innovators, enabling the best solutions to impact those most in need of clean water.

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