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It’s World Water Day…join us!

March 22, 2013 by admin in Blog with 0 Comments

What does $22 mean to you?  What do you spend $22 on during a typical week?  Maybe several trips to Starbucks?  Going out to lunch a couple days with  co-workers?  Maybe it’s the amount you have stashed in a drawer or set aside for a rainy day?For the majority of us, $22 is not necessarily a substantial amount of money. Definitely not life changing.  But for over half the population of Sierra Leone, who are currently living without access to clean drinking water, $22 is life changing.  In fact, $22 can help provide one person access to clean drinking water for life!  Pretty amazing to think that just $22 could change, or even save a life!!

So today, World Water Day, we are asking you to consider helping us change not one, but hundreds of lives by donating $22.  We would love to raise enough to help fund two clean water projects in Sierra Leone (approximately $6,000).  These water projects will help bring clean, life-saving water to hundreds of people who currently lack access to life’s most basic necessity.

Any amount makes an impact.  If you can’t give $22, give what you can.  If you can give more than $22, great!  Every donation counts and helps bring us one step closer to providing clean water to those who need it most.

To make World Water Day even more fun, we will be giving away some great, water-related items to a few lucky donors.  For every donation made, your name will be added to our drawing for a chance to win a Watershot for iPhone housing ($99 value)

or a GOBIE H20 filtered water bottle ($30 value). 

Two lucky donors will receive a Watershot for iPhone housing, and three lucky winners will receive a GOBIE H20 water bottle.*

All donations are tax-deductible and will go directly to fund clean water and sanitation projects in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Join us today and get ready to change some lives…

For more information on 1 Billion Thirsty and our work in Sierra Leone, please visit

*winners will be randomly chosen from all donations made between 3/20/13 – 3/22/13 and will be notified via email and announced on our facebook page on 3/25/13.


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